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Last month, SG Update #271 reported news from Marie (Eve, Jenny, Megan) about her starring role as "Carol" in THE LAST ROMANCE at the 7 Angels Theatre in Waterbury, CT. The play opened Oct 18.
However, on Oct. 21, Marie accidentally fell off the stage during the blackout at the end of Act One and broke her shoulder. She underwent surgery a couple of days later.
SG joins DS fans everywhere in wishing Marie a quick, easy, and complete recovery. May you soon be back 100%, Marie!

"I would like to add on behalf of Dark Shadows News and Updates my condolences and hope you will feeling and getting better soon Marie. We are all wishing you a speedy recovery"

Please share with SG any on-air, in print, and online references - publicity, reviews, articles, etc. - that you find about the above projects. Fans attending the 2 plays also are invited and welcome to share their comments, photos, and program books.
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